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Texas Wine Adventures- Part 2

Happy Thursday, Embarque Readers!

I hope you’re having a lovely week so far!

This post is part-two of the wine adventure from this past weekend. The weekend was full of wine education during this trip out to Fredericksburg, Texas knowing that I enjoy wine, but not knowing much (pretty much nothing) about the wine itself.

Rancho Ponte Vineyards

We met a great guy named Travis that educated us on wine. Here’s what we found out:

  • Swirling wine: the reason people do this is to let the wine breathe. Since the wine generally remains sedentary (once bottled), the swirling allows the flavors to release
  • Legs: These are the vertical clear lines that remain after swirling but slowly disappear… this indicates the sugar level in the wine. The slower the legs disappear, the more sugar in the wine

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Texas Wine Adventures- Part 1

Happy Monday, Embarque Readers!

Due to the amount of information gained from this weekend this will be a two-part wine post (yay!).

Part-one will consist of reviews of some of the top vineyards outside Fredericksburg, Texas (Texas Wine Country).


We (my girlfriends, Emily, Victoria and myself) decided to see what Texas Wine Country had to offer,  so we visited some of the top rated vineyards near Fredericksburg:

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Make Your Living Room Ready for Fall in 60 Seconds

Hi Embarque Readers!

With the temperatures slowly dropping, it’s time to transition your living space into a cozier place to relax. This is an easy tutorial on how to make your living room ready for fall for less than $100.


  • What you need:
  • 4 pillows ( I bought my pillows for $20 each at HomeGoods) Click Here to Shop or HERE
  • Potpourri (I’m not a huge advocate of potpourri, but if you can find the right mixture that fits your style, then why not?) Click HERE to shop

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How to Make Your Perfect Cup of Coffee

Happy Saturday, Embarque Readers!

If you love coffee as much as I do, this is the post for you.

A friend of mine told me about french press coffee, and I have to say this has changed the way I make coffee (on the weekends at least).

Here’s what you need:

  • Your favorite ground coffee beans (if you don’t have a grinder to grind them right before you brew)
  • Water
  • French Press
  • Kettle
  • Coffee cup
  • Frothing wand (Optional) Buy HERE
  • Milk and sweetener (Optional)


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Social Media and Jewelry Tray

Happy Friday, Embarque Readers!

I hope you’re week has gone well! I apologize for the delay on a new post, I was up in the lovely state of Minnesota visiting my family.

Northern MN

Today’s post is FULL of information. There are three parts, so let’s get started…

1.) I want to let you know that Embarque & Co. is now on Pinterest, Twitter and Facebook. This now allows you to read about home decor, recipes, DIY projects and favorite places at a much faster rate. You can find me at:




2.) Minneapolis Restaurant

Random Note: If you’re ever in Minneapolis, there’s one place you MUST go for a late night dinner: The Red Stag Supperclub. We went there to celebrate my mom’s birthday, and we had the best time. They even have have live music on the weekends. It has an old-world atmosphere, with hearty entrees (and vegan options too).

3.) DIY Jewelry Tray

Enamel jewelry trays are everywhere, and generally overpriced. Here is an easy and inexpensive alternative that takes 2 minutes flat.

What you need:

  • Picture Frame (Mine was $15, but you can find beautiful ones for $6 at HomeGoods)
  • Scissors
  • Pencil
  • Scrapbook Paper ($1.20 at Michaels with online coupon)

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