My Favorite Candles

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I hope you had an awesome week, and I think this post may make it an even better weekend…

Scents… I understand that scents are a very personal and have the ability of invoking some incredibly strong memories. One person may be a huge fan of pachouli, and someone else may say it reminds them of Woodstock (and not in a good way). Scents have the ability to give you the feeling a decadence or take you to a specific place in time without breaking the bank.

We all have our own personal favorites, but I want to let you know about some of mine (these may become a staple in your home too).

  • Capri Blue- Volcano ($16-$32, burns 35- 85 hours)
  • Aspen Bay- Reserve ($16-$31, burns 30-85 hours)
  • Circle E- Pomegranate ($10-$21, burns 44-155 hours)
  • Voluspa- Santiago Huckleberry ($9-$28, burns 50- 100 hours)
  • Voluspa- Mokara ($9-28, burns 50-100 hours)
  • THE Collection by: Chesapeake Bay Candle- Cashmere Plum (My FAVORITE right now) ($13,  burns ~ 35 hours)

Also please note, when buying candles, always try to buy ones made of soy wax. Soy candles last longer (than paraffin wax).

Here’s some basic information on the three most popular types of waxes:

Paraffin Wax– derived from petroleum, it’s a great beginners wax (if you’re making your own candles)… it absorbs scent very well and is the most popular wax among candles overall; however it burns quite quickly.

Soy Wax– derived from soy bean oil, this is the most popular type of high-end candle wax. It has a clean burn that releases no carcinogens when burned, and lasts almost twice as long as soy wax.

Beeswax– most expensive, but has the longest burn time (three times longer than paraffin was and twice as long as soy wax).

Have a lovely weekend, and be sure to check out some of these candles- they’re heavenly.

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