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A Peek Inside My Home Project

Hey Embarquers!

Currently my home looks as though it has been ransacked by some hooligans due to some home renovations I’ve been working on. I’m in the process replacing the flooring in the bedrooms and office (a large project, but worth it).

I wouldn’t advise taking on the entire project yourself, but I would advise on doing some of the prep work to have save you a lot of money (~$2/square foot). I ended up spending $4/square foot for materials AND installation. I bought my flooring at Costco (Harmonics Savannah Hickory Laminate Flooring). This is only $1.94/square and is high quality flooring. High-quality laminate is a great option for those who have animals in your house because it’s very difficult to scratch this flooring.

He’s what you need to do to save some $$$.



1.) Start by pulling the carpet from the corner of the room. This is a little difficult to do because the carpet is attached the the tack strips.


2.) Cut the carpet in strips with your razor blade (be incredibly careful) so it is easy to roll up and dispose.


3.) The original installer of the carpet may have used glue to hold down the carpet pad, but this easily scrapes up with the spackle knife.


4.) Move on to the tack strips by using your SuperBar and rubber hammer. Line up your nail between the two feet on the bar. Tap your bar with the hammer several times until the bar is under the strip and the nail is between the two feet. Pull the bar towards you, and the strip will pull up with ease. Repeat this process with every nail in the tack strip (on the border of the room).



5.) Chunks of concrete will likely come up with the nails. You should clean these divots with a firm bristle broom or brush.

6.) Once the holes are cleaned, fill the holes with the liquid cement. Smooth over the cement-filled divots with the spackle knife to prep the surface for the new flooring. The bottle says the surface will be ready for traffic in 45 minutes, but I wouldn’t consider touching the surface for 24 hours (minimum).

This is how the holes look once they have been filled with concrete and smoothed with a spackle knife

I know this project takes a while, but it’s so satisfying after working on this all day and seeing your progress, plus, you’re going to LOVE your floors (and add a bit of equity to your home).

The Installers are coming on Wednesday this week, so I’ll definitely be sure to keep you updated and show the finished results!

With Love,


2 thoughts on “A Peek Inside My Home Project

  1. Nice! Looking forward to seeing the end result.
    I put a 3″ wide wood (laminate) floor in my studio a few years ago and love the result. The 12×16 space took me about 20 hours total but the second time would take probably 15 hours. Discovered that good quality knee pads are important, as is a good radio. 🙂 It gets rather tedious.

    Good luck!

    1. Jason, Thank you so much for your comment and stopping by Embarque & Co.! Oh my goodness that’s time consuming, but I’m sure it was worth it. There’s nothing more satisfying than working hard and admiring your results. I’ll definitely share the pictures by the end of the week! 🙂

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