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Happy Friday, Everyone!


I received such awesome feedback from my post on Monday about the peek inside my home project. I’m beyond thrilled to tell you my floors are finally finished! It took the contractors 2 days to do fours rooms (which I would say is great time based on the quality of their installation and the amount of space they had to cover).

The reason I’m doing a blog post on the results is mainly to show you the difference  a couple thousand dollars (I know it’s a bit of an investment, but you get what you pay for)  can do to the aesthetic of the home AND add value to your home. If you buy quality materials (without being overpriced), and shop around (for a great value installer), you could easily double your investment by turning it into equity.

For example, if you spend $3,000 on flooring and installation, it could add up to $6,000 of instant equity in your home.

Are you ready to see some results?

Here we go!



Remember this nasty old carpet? Gross…
This is once the carpet was ripped out and the cement divots were repaired




The flooring I used is the Harmonics Savannah Hickory bought at Costco.


Make sure your flooring doesn’t match your furniture. You want for some contrast.



The wood floors adds a fluidity to the room


Thanks for being  a part of this project with me. I hope this inspires you to conquer a project or two of your own.


Have a beautiful weekend!


With Love,


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