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Find the Right Rug for Your Space

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Rugs are a very important piece in each room. They have the ability to make or break a room, and I want to help you avoid commonly made mistakes when buying rugs.

As I’ve previously told you in an earlier post, I just got new flooring in the bedrooms and office. It feels so clean and fresh! Since I now have different floors, I need to get rugs to warm it up a little bit, and let me tell you (if you didn’t already know) rugs are EXPENSIVE!!! Not expensive as in $100, but generally thousands of dollars. My budget doesn’t allow myself to spend thousands of dollars on gorgeous rugs. A girl’s gotta eat and pay her mortgage. Haha. No, but seriously…

Something to keep in mind when buying a rug- this is an investment piece that you will have several years (if maintained properly). An area rug shouldn’t be walked on constantly with dirty shoes. Area rugs should be walked on with bare feet, house shoes or socked feet. This will allow the rug to remain in prime condition for decades. For example, Oriental rugs look gorgeous for decades because they’re maintained properly.

Enough about that! Time to shop! I did research on the best places to buy rugs on a budget, and there are a lot of great options. Here’s what I found:



Transitional (a mix of Traditional and Contemporary):


My favorite places to purchase rugs are:

HomeGoods ($$)
Pottery Barn Outlet ($$)
West Elm Outlet ($$)
Restoration Hardware Outlet ($$$)
Target.com ($)
Overstock ($-$$$)
Costco ($$)
Lowe’s ($)
Wayfair ($-$$$$)
World Market ($$)
Important Notes:

Consider the material of the rug- Some rugs have latex in them. This could be problematic for those with a latex allergy. There are also certain materials that wear better than others. I prefer wool in my rugs, but many rug are made from polymers (nylon, olefins, polypropylene, polyethylene, etc). Personally, I like rugs made of wool, jute, silk (but that’s incredibly expensive) and higher quality nylon, but (in all honesty) go with your gut.
The location of the rug– A shag rug is probably not a good idea for a room with high traffic. The rug will quickly become crushed and lack the volume it had due to feet crushing the cords (reducing the height of the pile).
The color and design of the rug (of course!)- If your room is bright and vivacious, you may want to dial it back with your rug (and vice-versa).
The size of the rug is vital– bigger is better 4 out of 5 times. By looking at the awesome infographic below, you can see that rooms generally feel much more cohesive with a larger rug, (but most importantly) purchase whatever is proportional for the size of the room.
This is brought to you by World Market’s blog, Discover.


Now go out there and buy that rug you’ve been coveting! (And have a beautiful Thanksgiving with your loved ones 🙂 )

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