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Inexpensive Christmas Decor

Happy Friday, All,

If you haven’t already, I’m sure you’re getting ready to deck your halls with red and green galore. I’m here to help make sure you don’t overspend and get the greatest bang for your buck.

A person needs to be very strategic to stretch every penny when it comes to decorating for the holidays (because there are hundreds of thousands of options). Christmas can feel like the Target Daze (what I like to call it)-this is when you go in to Target for two items, and you end up purchasing a cart full of items you didn’t need but couldn’t resist because it was all on sale. Ladies and Gents, we need to stay focused 😉 !

Ready? Okay, good! Here we go.

1.) Christmas Tree (~$50)

If you don’t have a tree (like I didn’t), then get your booty to Hobby Lobby and go grab one!

You may be thinking, ‘Jenna… There goes my $100…’ Nope, think again. I bought an adorable 5″ tree (with lights) for $40 at Hobby Lobby.

You can also buy mini live trees at your local hardware store or grocery store. All Christmas decor at Hobby Lobby is currently 50% off, so you can load up ornaments (~$5/box of 10 ornaments)

This is the Christmas tree in my living room

2.) Garland (~$15)

This is where you need to use your creativity. What I did last year was I trimmed my bushes and used this for garland (I kid you not). This is a (practically) free resource you have. If you don’t have bushes, you can trim some tree branches that are getting a little long.

  1. Once you have a bundle ~4 inches in diameter, lay the branches out on your mantle (or wherever you like to hang your garland), very gently, tie your branches together with wreath wire.
  2. From there, you’ll grab some accessories from the wreath making department at your local craft store, and slide them into the wreath. Secure the accessories with wreath wire, and weave in battery powered LED lights (these run at ~$10 at Lowe’s and Home Depot).
  3. Voila, You’re done! Enjoy your thriftiness
twig garland
This is a great example from Pottery Barn, but I would have a greater ratio of twigs to pine and berries

3.) Christmas Pillow (~$20)

It really only takes a single pillow to make a statement. I would layer this on top of neutral colored existing pillows. Here are some great options.


Festive Bowls ($5)

Use some existing clear bowls to fill with pinecones and ornament balls to add festive flair to any room.

christmas ornament bowl
This is a great example from the Rusty Hinge


DIY Christmas Art (~$10)

This was inspired by some art I did as a kindergartener. All you need is a canvas, green, silver, red, white, yellow, and brown acrylic paint (99 cents per bottle).

1.) Draw a triangle on your canvas with a rectangle at the bottom.


2.)  Fill in your triangle with the green color of your choice (This doesn’t have to be perfect. This is simply a base color on your canvas)


3.) Mix up several green colors to add depth to your tree. You can do this by simply adding a little white and a little black to your tree. Then make a “V” with your brush to add a certain effect to your tree

4.) You’re going to build layers of paint to your tree to add even more depth


5.) Add silver for your snow and a star on top of your tree!


6. Dip an eraser (on a pencil) into red paint to add red decorative balls on your tree.

7.) Enjoy!


No go and play some Christmas music, drink some hot chocolate, and have fun with your projects!


With Love,




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