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Pantry Organization

Happy Thursday!

I hope you’re all having quick-moving week. This is part two that will also help you improve your daily life by getting yourself organized.

Personally, I didn’t realize this space was unorganized until my parents made a comment about… the pantry. I recognize that not every kitchen has a pantry, so you have the ability to do this in any of your kitchen cabinets.

Let’s get organized!

Step 1: Take EVERYTHING out of your pantry (I cheated a little and kept the top shelf items because I knew I wasn’t going to touch them and they were food-free). Mark my words, you will find  food in there that you had no idea that you had. In addition, you will find many items have expired. For some reason, I had two boxes of graham crackers that were… expired (don’t judge 😉 ). Then, throw away everything that’s expired, stale or not going to get eaten. I know it’s difficult to throw food, and it feels like a complete waste, but it’s not as it you can un-expire the food by holding on to it… let’s be real.


Step 2: Put your food into groupings. This means, all of your canned food items together, baking ingredients, snacks, etc…you get the point. Take not on how many categories you have, and how much space each category takes up. (Don’t forget to clean your shelves with kitchen cleaner.)

Step 3: Get your booty on over to HomeGoods, Marshalls or T.J. Maxx and buy up these handy dandy refrigerator bins. You don’t have to buy the Frigidaire brand, but I liked the shape and handles on these bins. These are only $7 per bin. Walmart had similar bin was $13, so I could buy almost twice as many at HomeGoods!


Step 4: Place your items from each category in your bins, and place in your pantry according to how frequently you use a specific bin. If you want to take it to the next level like I did, print labels for each bin. You don’t need a label maker. You can simply type and print the categories on a piece of paper, and tape it on your bins.



Take the time to organize your pantry. This is going to not only save you time when it comes to food prep, but also make you feel like a weight has been lifted off your shoulders, I promise.

With Love,


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