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I’ve decided to post on something a little different today’s post to freshen it up a little bit. Many of my girlfriends ask me about my skincare routine, and so I decided to share some tips with my readers (especially during these cold winter months).

My Favorite Products:


  • I love using this mud mask once a week. It leaves my skin feeling soft and fresh. You can find these a your local Walgreens or Ulta for $1.99.



  • This is a GREAT starter kit to see what products work for your skin. This line specifically aims at brightening your skin for a lovely glow.

$39 – Buy it HERE

apple serum

***This product is the holy grail of my skincare routine (and soon to be yours 😉 ). I apply it every night and almost every morning. You only apply a drop or two, and it will cover your entire face as well as your neck***

$52 – Buy it HERE

What I love about Juice Beauty is that I don’t need to be afraid of what I’m putting on my skin everyday. All of the products are organic and clinically validated.

  • Last but definitely not least (on the product side) is this little bottle…


Apply this every morning over the Juice Serum. This is a great sunblock that also works on keeping your skin protected from the harmful rays.

My last tip is one that you’ve heard many times before… drink as much water as you can stand. This is something that I struggle with, but drinking water not only makes your skin look beautiful, but also can keep you from snacking all the time. You should drink approximately 2/3 of your body weight in fl oz. This means if you’re 140 lbs., you want to drink ~94 oz per day.


I hope these hints were helpful for a way to spice up your skincare routine and also keep your skin protected and youthful looking.

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