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Inexpensive DIY Wall Art

Hey Ya’ll!

I was briefly chatting with one of my cousins last week and she was talking about the blog and how some of the DIY projects are difficult for those who don’t frequent Michael’s or Hobby Lobby. Fear not! This project is (honestly) as easy as pie. You can make your own custom art for $5-7!

Nikki, this one is for you!


Materials Needed:

  • Mod Podge (I bought the 8oz. bottle in Satin)
  • Paintbrush (any brush will do, but I’d advise 1/2″-2″)
  • Canvas, 8″x 14″ (Buy a pack at your local craft store for ~$3/canvas)
  • Pretty Paper (Paper Source is your best friend- you can also go to World Market in the gift wrapping section)
  • Scissors
  • Pencil



1.) Grab your sheet of paper, flip the good side down and trace your canvas. Be sure to add at least 1/2″-1″ on each side so you can fold the paper over your edges of your canvas.


2.) Cut your sheet of paper, place on your canvas, and fold the creases on the edges of the canvas


3.) Take your sheet of paper and set to the side. Paint a layer of your Mod Podge on the main side of the canvas as well as the edges, lay your paper on the canvas, flip over, and smooth your canvas to the paper pushing out any air pockets. Let dry for 15 minutes.



4.) Paint a top coat of Mod Podge (don’t panic, it dries clear) on your paper and let dry for ~30 minutes (or until dry). Hang up your work and enjoy!



With Love,


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