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Backyard Makeover

Hey Ya’ll,

It’s that time of year where everyone is spending more time outside in their backyards, so why not make this an extension of your indoor living. There are two options on taking your backyard or patio to the next level, a mini makeover or a major makeover.


Mini Makeover

Pathway Lights

Available at Costco for $40 (8-pack)

Amazon.com alternative

Bistro Lighting

Available at Costco for $50 (48 ft long)

Amazon.com alternative


Available at Lowes for $100

Major Makeover


Available at Lowes for $500

Target Pergola

Available at Target for $375


Available at Target for $788 (On Sale)

I hope some of these ideas help inspire you to expand your indoor living space outside, and  take your space up a notch or two.

With Love,




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