Hosting Overnight Guests

Happy Tuesday, Beautiful Embarquers!

I always try my best to do posts that apply directly to my life in the exact moment (with hopes it can help my readers as well). If there’s ever something you need help with (when it comes to the home and entertaining), please let me know- all I ever want to do is help this community.

This week my Mom is coming down from Minnesota to stay with me for my birthday as well as Mother’s Day. Whenever I host (whether it be family or friends), I always want them to feel as though my home is their home- I guess you could say that hosting is my love language. 😉 Hosting isn’t always common knowledge, so I wanted to put together a checklist of items that will be helpful for when you are hosting family or friends in your home.

Ready? Let’s get to it!

Hosting Checklist:

  • Sleeping Situation:
    • Bed: If you don’t have an extra bedroom for your guests (or a pull out couch), please pick up a blowup air mattress for your guests. This will allow them to get a much better night’s sleep
    • Bedding: Personally, I always purchase white sheets (be sure to dress the bed with a fitted sheet, lose sheet and comforter or duvet). Why?
      • 1. You can bleach them (keeping them extra clean all the time)
      • 2. Replacement sheets are always available
      • 3. It reminds me of a high-end hotel
    • Sleeping with Ease: If your guest isn’t sleeping in their own room, have sleeping mask, and earplugs ready (you can find these at the dollar store)
    • Light Reading: Keep magazines or books near the bed to nurse sleeplessness
    • Flowers: a small vase of flowers (from you local grocery store) will bring the space to a new level


  • Food:
    • Allergies: learn about any food allergies your guest(s) may have
    • Breakfast: breakfast can be quite tricky sometimes (with all the options available), so be sure to know what your visitor enjoys eating
    • Drinks: this applies to adult beverages and non-adult beverages. Be sure to have bottled water available in your guest room/sleeping area
    • Snacks: make a small midnight sweets basket to enjoy
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  • Primping:
    • Toiletries: Whenever I travel to hotels, I try and keep the little shampoos, conditioners, body washes and body lotions for my guests. I keep a fully stocked cupboard in the guest bathroom in case your loved ones forget these items at home.
    • Medicine: I keep my medicine in the linen closet across the hall my the guest bedroom in case your visitor get a stomach or headache in the middle of the night
    • Bathing: Be sure to have a clean bath sheet, hand towel and wash cloth for everyone
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  • Entertaining:
    • If your guest has a rental car (or there’s public transportation near your home), a list of great restaurants and areas of interest left on your visitors bed helps keep everyone busy and happy
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My wish for you is that these checklist items help you with your next guests that spend the night.


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