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How To: Pick a Paint Color for Your Home

Hey Embarquers,

I don’t know about you, but I feel like these past few weeks have been a whirlwind! I recently closed on my home, and wanted to make sure the entire interior of home was freshly painted to give a clean and fresh feel.

A decision that can be difficult to make is a paint color. I understand that paint can be one of the least expensive decisions when it comes to making a major design difference in your home; however, painting is time-consuming, and laborious. I want to take the guessing out of paint, and make this a much easier decision to make.

Ready? Let’s get to it!

1.) Look at the Colors in each Color (sounds silly, I know)

When you’re at your local paint store, ask for the recipe to create the paint. On each paint able, there is a receipt how x-parts yellow, y-parts blue, and z-parts red. This shows you what colors are of higher concentration in the paint color of your choice


2.) Ask the Professionals About Undertone

This is a huge proponent to gray hues. Gray has been an extremely popular color in homes over the past few years, and gray has many different undertones. If you’re looking for a true gray, look for a gray with a black undertone. Whatever the undertone is in the color your looking at, it’ll be highly accentuated.

An example of this is two years ago, I chose a gray that had a slight blue undertone… as soon as I put it up on the walls, my room became baby blue. This has happened time and time again, so I am learning from my past mistakes to help my readers now.


3.) Know the Type of Paint/Finish You Like 

Let’s go through these finishes from the most matte-like to shiny

  • Flat (Less reflective of light, Less scrubbable)
  • Eggshell (my personal favorite for any living space (minus the bathroom)
  • Satin
  • Semi-Gloss (highly recommended for bathrooms)
  • Gloss (Very reflective of light, Highly scrubbable)
Photo Credit: Valsparpaint.com

4.) Look at the Room’s Lighting 

This is based on the natural light of the room.

I know this seems like common sense, but time and time again, there are so many rooms that are painted the wrong colors based on the natural lighting of the room

Photo Credit: WestElm.com

5.) Look at Your Room’s Furniture and Decor Colors

It may seem like common sense, but make sure your rooms aren’t monochromatic by having white walls, white furniture, white rugs, white pillows, etc…


I hope this relieves a little bit of anxiety during the paint picking process and helped you feel more informed before you go to you local paint store.


With Love,


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