Hey Everyone! My name is Jenna Werneke, I’m 25 years old, from Saint Paul, MN, moved to Texas for six years, and now I’m back in the Twin Cities, and thrilled to be back!

I wanted to take a moment to share my, “Why” behind Embarque & Co. I started this blog  because I felt that there was a large gap with lifestyles between Millennials, and Baby Boomers.

Many of our parents were raised in homes where their parents valued the art of entertaining, taking the time to make a meal from scratch, sitting down at the dinner table and talking about everyone’s day- where everyone felt cherished and valued. I believe we have lost a large portion of this today. We have lost the art of a conversation, of being hospitable, of treasuring each moment with the ones we love.

I want this blog to be a resource to you, to create experiences that last a lifetime, and truly allow you to live a well-lived life.

With Love,