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The Ultimate Affordable Holiday Gift Giving Guide

Happy Monday, Embarquers!

I hope you had a lovely Thanksgiving weekend! I know the holiday shopping has already started, and there are only about 25 days left until Christmas, so it’s time to check off those items on your list.

I feel what’s the most difficult part about the holiday season is finding what in the world to buy for your family and friends. It’s incredibly stressful trying to find  gift that are thoughtful (and not a gift card). This is why I created this post to help out all of my readers. Enjoy!










Check out my Pinterest page with even more gift ideas available (all under $100).

One last helpful hint, if you’re traveling by plane for the holidays, have your gifts shipped to the host or hostess’s home (with permission, of course). This will save you not only a large amount of space in your suitcase, but a hassle at the airport security point. I personally buy almost all gifts on and have it shipped for free (with my prime membership).


I hope that this has been a huge help to you and may take some stress off your shoulders 🙂 .

With Love,



How to Take Your Bathroom to the Next Level (Renovation-free)

Hi Embarquers,

I hope you had an awesome weekend and were able to dress up in your favorite costumes! I ended up dressing as Waldo from Where’s Waldo, and my dear friend Katie dressed up as a Snowman for Halloween.


Let’s talk about bathrooms… Bathrooms can be extremely expensive to remodel, so  I think it’s best to work with the budget you have and focus on accessorizing.

1. Start with a blank slate. Take everything off your counters, clean all of your surfaces to begin with a fresh space.



2. Pick the colors and/or theme you would like in your bathroom. I decided to go with neutral colors (white and blue/gray) to keep it simple and clean.

3. Before you being the process, think of it as layering (or getting dressed in the morning). You start with your basics (undergarments) and add on from there.

I always advise using good quality white towels. This is because white towels stay white (when bleached), it gives your bathroom a clean, fresh look, and white coordinates with everything.

4. Chose a shower curtain that meets the color scheme and style you’re looking to achieve. This is the area you can really show your personality.

A great place to buy shower curtains is World Market. They’re reasonably priced and have a lot of personality.


I went with more of an androgynous look from Target. Click HERE to buy.

(Make sure you find a rug that coordinates with your shower curtain too to add some warmth)

5. Look for framed art you can’t live without.

Framed art can be expensive, so a fun way around this by buying the two-frame pack at Costco with matting (normally costs +$80 per frame). I didn’t see this deal online, but you can buy a large two-frame pack at Costco for $20 (such a steal)! Instead of putting a picture in the frame, go to World Market and buy a $3 sheet of handmade wrapping paper, trace the glass (from the frame) on the wrapping paper, cut the paper and insert in the frame (this is essentially the same as my DIY Jewelry Frame tutorial, but with wrapping paper).

wrapping paper

6. Countertop time! Going back to equate this to getting ready in the morning, this is the time you add the jewelry.

Close your eyes (no peaking 😉 ) and think about the times you’ve use the restroom at a friend’s house and you were thinking, wow, I really wish [insert friend’s name] had ___________ . This could be a number of items (floss, Q-tips, mouthwash, aspirin, lotion, etc…). This is the time to let your hospitality shine.

I like having the hand towel and the disposable towel as an option (especially during flu season).


Be sure to put your hospitable items on a tray for a more polished look. I bought my tray of Goodwill for $1.99 and cleaned up the tray with a silver polish.



I can’t wait to hear about your bathroom makeovers!

With Love,



Make Your Home Heavenly (or at least smell like it)

Hey Everyone!

I hope you had an awesome week, and I think this post may make it an even better weekend…

Scents… I understand that scents are a very personal and have the ability of invoking some incredibly strong memories. One person may be a huge fan of pachouli, and someone else may say it reminds them of Woodstock (and not in a good way). Scents have the ability to give you the feeling a decadence or take you to a specific place in time without breaking the bank.

We all have our own personal favorites, but I want to let you know about some of mine (these may become a staple in your home too).

  • Capri Blue- Volcano ($16-$32, burns 35- 85 hours)
  • Aspen Bay- Reserve ($16-$31, burns 30-85 hours)
  • Circle E- Pomegranate ($10-$21, burns 44-155 hours)
  • Voluspa- Santiago Huckleberry ($9-$28, burns 50- 100 hours)
  • Voluspa- Mokara ($9-28, burns 50-100 hours)
  • THE Collection by: Chesapeake Bay Candle- Cashmere Plum (My FAVORITE right now) ($13,  burns ~ 35 hours)

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Hey! I’m so glad that you’re here!

I decided to name this website Embarque & Co. because the word Embark is defined as:

to begin (a course of action, especially one that is important or demanding)

Everyday we go out in the world where we learn, develop and grow. As we grow, so does our sense of style and the way we live our lives. Here at Embarque & Co., I want you to feel free to be moved to experiment with your own home and in your life.

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I hope you feel inspired and enjoy everything this site has to offer.

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