Dried Apple Ring Snack

Hey Ya’ll!

Happy Thursday! I’m not sure about all of you, but I need a snack between meals (especially in the afternoon). It’s so easy to reach for a bag of tortilla chips, or a candy bar when your blood sugar hits rock bottom.

Something I love snacking on are apple chips. Store bought apple chips usually go for $6 for a small bag… Personally, I don’t want to spend $6 everyday on a small snack, so I of course decided to make them myself.

This is a great snack for kiddos!

Let’s get started!

Wholesome Apple Chips

Makes ~24 apple chips


  • 2 Medium Apples (I used the pink lady apple)
  • Cinnamon (as desired)


1.) Preheat your oven to 200 degrees F

2.) Wash your apples with a mild dish soap

2016-02-17 18.38.41

3.) Using a vegetable peeler or a paring knife to cut out the core of the apple. Discard the core, and cut the apple into thin slices horizontally (so that each piece makes an, “O”).

Note: To make your chips more of a crispy chip texture, try to cut the slices as thin as possible (it’ll help if you have a mandolin) and cook on the longer side of what’s suggested.

2016-02-17 18.41.462016-02-17 18.47.182016-02-17 18.47.24

4.) Line a baking sheet with foil. Lay out your apple slices on the sheet and sprinkle with cinnamon

2016-02-17 18.56.402016-02-17 18.57.23

5.) Bake for 2 1/2-3 hours


DEVOUR! Happy Snacking!


With Love,