How to Throw an Oktoberfest Party


I hope everyone has had a fabulous couple of weeks. I have been hard at work planning and putting on an Oktoberfest Party for my family, friends and neighbors. I will tell you, this is now going to be an annual event thrown. It was such a blast and an awesome variety of people attended (which I always thinks turns a good party into a great party).

This list is going to give you all the essentials for how to plan your perfect Oktoberfest Party

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My “Why” Behind Embarque & Co.


This isn’t a traditional post that is some tutorial on some yummy dessert or how to host guests in your home, but an honest heart-to-heart with the Embarque community.

I wanted to take a moment to share my, “Why” behind Embarque & Co. I started this blog almost two years ago because I felt that there was a large gap between the millennial generation, and our parents’ generation.

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Hosting Overnight Guests

Happy Tuesday, Beautiful Embarquers!

I always try my best to do posts that apply directly to my life in the exact moment (with hopes it can help my readers as well). If there’s ever something you need help with (when it comes to the home and entertaining), please let me know- all I ever want to do is help this community.

This week my Mom is coming down from Minnesota to stay with me for my birthday as well as Mother’s Day. Whenever I host (whether it be family or friends), I always want them to feel as though my home is their home- I guess you could say that hosting is my love language. đŸ˜‰ Hosting isn’t always common knowledge, so I wanted to put together a checklist of items that will be helpful for when you are hosting family or friends in your home.

Ready? Let’s get to it!

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