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Refresh your Deck

Hey Embarquers!

I apologize for the delay in a post. I have been processing some life-changing decisions, and I will have an exciting announcement in the weeks to come (all good things for the blog, I promise 😉 )

In the meantime, I have a project I’ve been working on over the past few weeks in my home that could help you improve your outdoor space.

Ready? Let’s go!

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DIY Bath Shelf

Good Morning!

I hope ya’ll are having an awesome Tuesday so far! Can we take a moment to say that bath time is so important? There are few things more relaxing than grabbing your epsom salts, a glass of wine, filling your tub with piping hot water and just… being.

For those of you who relax in the bath frequently, this handy dandy bath shelf- which I am going to teach you how to make- will be a game-changer.

Let’s do it!

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Bathroom Organization

Happy New Year, Embarquers!

I’m so excited what this new year has in store for you. It’s a fresh new start where the possibilities are endless. I’ve been brainstorming some ideas for you and ways to improve your daily life. I want to start by organizing you bathroom.

I believe your bathroom should be a spa-like atmosphere- free of clutter.

Now, that being said, I am going to be quite vulnerable with each of you- please don’t judge. Before I started this project, my bathroom was a little chaotic, disheveled, and… messy…







I’m showing you this because I always want to be authentic with all of you, and not pretend that I have everything together. This is a journey for all of us to go through, and I’m excited to improve my life with each of you.

In order to get your place organized and a more relaxing environment, I would follow these three simple steps:

1.) De-Junk: This is a very important step. Go through all of your toiletries, and throw out everything that’s used, but not with your current skincare and beauty routine (this is true for the males just as much as the females). If some products aren’t going to be used and haven’t been opened, feel free to donate them to your friends. This can be a very freeing feeling, getting rid of all the clutter and items you’ll never use. Also, check the expiration dates. This may surprise you, but many items do have a date of expiration.

2.) Clean: I bleached every surface in my bathroom to create a clean and fresh space. You can use whatever must-purpose cleaner you like to use, but I prefer bleach because I know everything is getting as clean as possible (plus I enjoy the scent- I know… it’s not good for me 🙁 ).

3.) Organize: I purchased this large linen cabinet at Lowes for $95, it has been a complete game changer. The best way to justify this is by considering this an investment in the bathroom. You’re putting equity in your home by adding in this storage (it’s similar to a custom built-in). You can either keep this as a piece of furniture, or screw it to the studs in your wall (if it matches your cabinets). I kept my white because the trim and doors in my home are white, but I white isn’t you color, I would paint the cabinet a fun accent color  (a nice neutral gray would coordinate with almost any cabinet).


For counter organization, I went to Target and purchased an awesome toiletry organizer for $25, and it’s definitely my favorite organizer I’ve purchased. I also bought the matching soap dispenser at Target for $13. It’s better to buy a soap dispenser rather than a disposable dispenser because it’s much more economical to buy the refill pack and (my favorites are Pecksniff’s England Lavender and White Tea Soap (available at TJ Maxx or HomeGoods), and Method Soap French Lavender at Target).



I put only the items on my counter are the ones I use every day, so please keep in mind, the less the better.




This should help you get your motivation and just do it! Set aside a day and get your bathroom organized.

With Love,




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Find the Right Rug for Your Space

Hey Everyone!

Rugs are a very important piece in each room. They have the ability to make or break a room, and I want to help you avoid commonly made mistakes when buying rugs.

As I’ve previously told you in an earlier post, I just got new flooring in the bedrooms and office. It feels so clean and fresh! Since I now have different floors, I need to get rugs to warm it up a little bit, and let me tell you (if you didn’t already know) rugs are EXPENSIVE!!! Not expensive as in $100, but generally thousands of dollars. My budget doesn’t allow myself to spend thousands of dollars on gorgeous rugs. A girl’s gotta eat and pay her mortgage. Haha. No, but seriously…

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