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My “Why” Behind Embarque & Co.


This isn’t a traditional post that is some tutorial on some yummy dessert or how to host guests in your home, but an honest heart-to-heart with the Embarque community.

I wanted to take a moment to share my, “Why” behind Embarque & Co. I started this blog almost two years ago because I felt that there was a large gap between the millennial generation, and our parents’ generation.

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The Ultimate Fall Treat: Swedish Apple Pie

Happy Fall, Embarquers!

This season only seems to be only be about pumpkin (which, don’t get me wrong- I love it!); however, apples don’t get enough credit!

One of my favorite things to do on the weekend in the fall is to go to apple orchards. There are few things more beautiful than listening to the crunch on the fallen leaves beneath your boots, and feeling the cool, fresh, crisp fall air fill your lungs.

After a lovely afternoon, I came home with two large bags of Zestar and Honeycrisp apples and knew I had to put them to good use, so I consulted my mother on her favorite apple pie recipe, and we came up with this little gem. Hope you enjoy!

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Salmon for Days

Happy Thursday, Embarquers!

I was at Costco the other day (big surprise), and saw their selection of salmon, and my mouth started to salivate… Salmon is not only delicious, but incredibly healthy for you. It has 40g of protein per serving, no carbs, healthy fats, 100% of your daily B-12 vitamins, the list goes on…

I went out to my garden, picked 5 sprigs of rosemary, grabbed some lemon, olive oil, salt and pepper and get to work.

Let’s do this!

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The Best Pico de Gallo

Hey Ya’ll!

I’m baaaaaaaaaaaaccckk!

I apologize on the delay between posts. The past few weeks have been a whirlwind. I sold my house in Austin, moved all my belongings (with a lot of help from my sweet brother and dad- shout out to both of you!) and moved to Minnesota to be near my family.

Back to the post…To give you a little background, my dad has been making this pico for twelve years, and after quite a bit of experimentation, it seems to be almost perfect. Now, let’s get to the good stuff… Who’s ready for some pico?


Let’s get to it!

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Delightful Breakfast Tacos

Hey Ya’ll!

Let me preface this post by saying, just because these are technically breakfast tacos, doesn’t mean they’re only for breakfast. I honestly eat these tacos for lunch or dinner at least 5 times a week. I have a breakfast taco addiction…

This is a quick and easy meal to make any time of day for yourself or your family.

Ready? Let’s go!

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Homemade Granola

Hey Embarquers!

I hope you all had a beautiful Easter weekend! I’m sorry it has been a while since my last post, I’ve been traveling for work as well as visiting my family back home.

Let’s talk granola… I know there are so many different types of granola out there. Many of the options out there are pretty bad for you and or relatively healthy and very expensive. This is a recipe that’s not only tasty, but relatively healthy.

Ready? Let’s get started!

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5 Minute Breakfast Protein Smoothie

Hey Ya’ll,

The morning can be a very stressful time in the morning trying to get out the door. I received awesome feedback on the Bacon, Egg, Onion and Avocado in a Cup post and wanted to give you another option for those who don’t necessarily like eggs. This smoothie is a great option to give your the vitamins from the fruit, but also the protein your body needs in the morning from the protein powder and milk.

Ready? Let’s get to it!

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